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Water Damage Restoration in Wharton, NJ

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Water can cause a number of problems throughout a home or building. Weather conditions like flooding, humidity, and rain and even internal issues like plumbing and appliance leaks, sewage backups and overflows can all have disastrous consequences. But regardless of how far it spread, water damage must be handled as soon as possible to prevent it from becoming worse and affecting additional materials in the long run. Mold growth can also develop if immediate action isn’t taken.

ServiceMaster by Timeless is available in Wharton, NJ to provide water damage restoration services for homes and buildings. Our IICRC-certified professionals are available 24/7 to provide water extraction services and will respond right away to prevent water from spreading further. We can remove all types of water, including clean, grey water, and sewage water using advanced water extraction and dehumidification equipment. We will also apply anti-microbials during the drying process to prevent mold growth.

Water-Damage-Restoration-in-Wharton-NJIssues Caused by Water Damage

Water and excess moisture can cause damage within a home or building, regardless of the source. But the biggest risk is to the porous materials and furnishings like the carpeting, furniture, and drywall. These materials will be quick to absorb the water like a sponge as it spreads easily to other areas and leads to significant structural damage.

If the water contains sewage or other biohazards, all materials will need to be replaced immediately.

Another problem caused by water damage is mold. As the fungus thrives in wet, warm areas, it will easily grow on porous materials and cause additional structural damage.

When it releases mold spores, they can also trigger a number of health effects for everyone on the property, including coughing, sneezing, headaches and more.

Professional Water Restoration Services in Wharton, NJ

Whether you have a little bit of water or standing water in your home, our professionals at ServiceMaster by Timeless are ready to respond 24/7 to water damage.

We use advanced water extraction equipment to remove all standing and/or sewage water from the floor. Our high-powered air movers and dehumidification equipment will then remove the remaining moisture in the air to prevent the risk of mold growth.

We will then restore, clean, and disinfect all affected areas to restore a safe and healthy condition.

Our water damage restoration services in Wharton, NJ provide each of the following:

  • Emergency water extraction and mitigation
  • Dehumidification and structural drying
  • Content cleaning and removal
  • Debris removal
  • Mold removal
  • Demolition
  • Disinfection and cleaning
  • Clothing and restoration
  • Sewage cleanup
  • Document restoration
  • Flood cleanup

Sewage and Flood Cleanup

In the event of flooding or sewage backup, it’s important to act right away to prevent permanent damage and mold growth. If you find standing water in your property, our professionals are IICRC-certified to handle the situation accordingly.

We will extract all standing water and start the disinfection process right away to prevent the water damage from spreading.

Contact Us for Water Restoration in Wharton, NJ

Don’t hesitate to contact ServiceMaster by Timeless at (973) 554-3002 for emergency water damage restoration services in the Wharton, NJ area if your home or building was recently affected by a leak or flood.

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