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Mold Removal in Wharton, NJ

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When mold grows in homes and buildings, it creates a dangerous environment for everyone and leads to significant property damage. Mold can grow anywhere and at any time due to the natural presence of mold spores in the air, however, it only grows in the presence of excess moisture. As soon as it starts, it can cause significant damage if not fully removed because it consumes the porous materials within the home or building. This is why it’s important to react quickly to mold to prevent it from spreading and protect everyone on the property.

ServiceMaster by Timeless is available in the Wharton, NJ area to provide professional mold removal services for homes and buildings. Our professionals are IIRC-certified and will help find all mold growth using mold detection technology while removing it at the source. We can also work with your insurance claims coordinator after the service.

Mold-Removal-Services-in-Wharton-NJMold Issues

Once it starts, mold can lead to a number of issues for everyone in the home or building. When growing, mold spores need a food and moisture source and can appear in as little as 24 – 48 hours after water damage.

Cellulose, the main food source for mold, is found within a number of porous materials in homes and buildings, including insulation, carpeting, ceiling tiles, wood and drywall. After latching onto the surfaces, it eats the materials, causing warping, rotting, staining, and weakening of the building structure. The mold will continue to spread until its removed with professional products.

Mold also causes health issues as it spreads, including sneezing, coughing, nasal congestion, itchy eyes and throat, headaches, and skin irritation. With long-term exposure, respiratory infections and asthma issues can occur. Those with compromised immune systems as well as children and seniors face the highest risk of becoming sick.

Mold Remediation Services

Our professionals can provide full mold removal services using advanced products and equipment. We use infrared technology to identify all mold, including hidden mold, to ensure nothing is left behind during the remediation process.

After the mold remediation, the affected areas will be cleaned and restored using HEPA-registered cleaning agents. If any porous materials are permanently damaged, they will be safely removed.

Our mold removal services in Wharton, NJ include each of the following:

  • Identification and repairs of the moisture source
  • Mold identification using infrared technology
  • Mold removal plan including the timeframe, mold removal, and cleanup process
  • Isolation of the affected areas and removal of destroyed building materials
  • Mold cleanup and disinfection using HEPA-registered cleaning agents
  • Removal of destroyed building materials, including carpeting and furnishings
  • Mold treatment and evaluation of the HVAC system
  • Final inspection
  • Testing from third party company to ensure all mold is removed

Contact Us for Mold Remediation in Wharton, NJ

Don’t hesitate to contact ServiceMaster by Timeless at (973) 554-3002 for professional mold removal services in the Wharton, NJ area if your home or building is affected by mold.

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