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Hoarding Cleanup in Wharton, NJ

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Hoarding is a complex issue that affects numerous Americans and their families. It is classified as a mental health disorder that involves depression and anxiety towards the removal of the affected individual’s belongings. As the owner becomes too anxious to remove their items, they pile up, eventually creating a dangerous and unsanitary living environment for everyone in the home. The clutter can block pathways and exits as well as harbor bacteria, mold, and animals.

If you have a loved one affected by hoarding, it’s important to reach out to them right away to help them understand the danger of their situation. With their approval, contact ServiceMaster by Timeless for hoarding cleanup services in the Wharton, NJ area. Our hoarder cleanup services are designed to help all individuals affected by hoarding as we are fully equipped to remove all unwanted clutter and disinfect the property.

We will also put the individual in charge of the process and treat them with dignity and respect.

How to Approach a Hoarder

Dangerous and unsanitary conditions are common within hoarders’ homes. The accumulation of clutter can block pathways and exits as well as increase the risk of injuries. Fires can also start within the hoarded items which will only serve as fuel to the flames, making it difficult to evacuate quickly.

With the buildup, pest infestations, mold, and bacterial growth can also occur. This is why it’s urgent to clean the home is quickly as possible.

If you have a loved one whose home is affected by hoarding, it’s important to take a respectful and compassionate approach. One of the biggest reasons people engage in this behavior is that it gives them a level of control but cleaning out their home can quickly raise tensions.

It is very important to help them understand the danger of their behaviors and to get their approval before beginning any cleaning. Then call our IICRC certified experts for hoarding cleanup services.

ServiceMaster-Hoarding-Cleaning-in-Wharton-NJDeep Hoarding Cleanup in Wharton, NJ

Our professionals at ServiceMaster by Timeless understand the sensitivity involved when discarding personal belongings. This is why effective planning, detailed execution, proper equipment, and cleaning products are used throughout the process.

We will work with the individual, putting them in charge of the cleaning process to ensure nothing is removed without their approval. We can also make recommendations of what to keep and discard to help the individual make a decision.

Our hoarder cleaning professionals will also provide mold removal, biohazard cleanup, content restoration and disinfection services if needed to restore the home to a safe and healthy living condition. We are experienced and trained to handle hoarding cases of all sizes, using advanced cleaning products and personal protective equipment (PPE) for dangerous situations.

Our hoarding cleanup services in Wharton, NJ include each of the following:

  • Making suggestions on what to keep, donate and throw away
  • Removal of unwanted clutter and debris
  • Assistance finding jewelry, money, and other valuables
  • Sanitation, cleaning, and disinfection services
  • Assistance with recycling and disposing of unwanted items
  • Assistance with distributing remaining items to local charities and families
  • Assistance with needed paperwork

Contact Us for Hoarding Cleanup in Wharton, NJ

Don’t hesitate to contact ServiceMaster by Timeless at (973) 554-3002 in the Wharton, NJ area for professional hoarding cleanup services if you have a loved one affected by hoarding.

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