Soft Materials

Protecting Clothes, Furniture, Sports Gear And Antiques

1. Taking Good Care of Delicate Goods
Research shows that infected droplets can drift through the air for up to four hours. This means a careless cough might require thorough disinfection for coronavirus of all soft surfaces in a room, ranging from clothing to carpets. When this happens, Service Master By Timeless is right there to ensure your peace of mind through its professional infection control services in Wharton, NJ and north NJ for clothing, household items, leather goods, furniture, fittings, and especially antiques.

2. Protect Your Sports Gear
Many sports involve close contact and physical effort with heavy breathing, which might well contaminate your clothing and equipment. If disaster strikes and COVID-19 removal and cleaning services are needed when one of your fellow athletes falls ill, Service Master By Timeless restoration services can take the steps needed to ensure thorough disinfection for coronavirus, keeping your family and teammates safe through professional infection control in Wharton, NJ and surrounding areas, while preserving expensive sports gear.

3. Specialized Equipment Needs Specialized Protection
Right on the front line, constantly dealing with unexpected situations where effective protection may not be available, firefighters, law enforcement and first responders are necessarily exposed to infections. This means that they need expert COVID-19 removal and cleaning actions, like those available from Service Master By Timeless. With airborne pathogens now including highly contagious coronavirus, their uniforms, vehicles and equipment need professional commercial infection control services to ensure individual safety and protect the public.

4. The Answer Is Here
Always on stand-by to provide COVID-19 removal and cleaning options as required, Service Master By Timeless provides effective professional infection control services in Wharton, NJ for homes and different types of equipment, tailored to particular needs. For an evaluation of how to keep your home, sports gear and special equipment infection-free, contact us on (973) 658-7777.

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