Packout/Content Cleaning

Cleaning Process
We will take your contents back to our temperature-controlled cleaning facilities and box them all accordingly, we will then clean through each box extremely carefully ensuring not to damage your content any further but restore it to its previous form.

Once we’ve finished cleaning your items we will then re-pack your content with fresh packing paper and bubble wrap to ensure they arrive in the most pristine condition possible. This is pretty much how most of your content will be cleaned. Large furniture items will go through the same process. But certain items, such as electronics, will go through special processes to ensure that they are dried, cleaned and recovered properly as water damage causes more issues in the case of electronics. Often times, solid materials such as food will be cleaned on automated machines, such as ultrasonics and deodorized for smoke odors. Any hard material that cannot be cleaned on a machine will be hand-cleaned with an eco-friendly degreaser and odor resistant.
Soft materials will be cleaned in our machine, which has been proven to recover 85% of all soft materials, including damaged dry clean only fabrics. This technology has enabled us to retrieve items that were previously considered interchangeable and greatly enhance our ability to bring your life back to normal.

Our packout & content restoration process includes:

  • Inventory, pack & transport your belongings to a climate-controlled warehouse
  • Provide a printed copy of inventory items
  • Restore, clean & deodorize items
  • Track & document contents throughout the restoration process
  • Provide easy access to items when needed
  • Return items to your home

Can We Restore All Of Your Content?
Our content cleaning staff are extremely efficient and has the ability to perform home cleaning and restoration services on your furnishings and everyday household items. However, we understand that we may need to partner with other experts in the industry in order to achieve the most optimum recovery of your content. For garment recovery, electronic recovery and fine art preservation, we use our trusted network of specialized subcontractors. Sensitive catastrophic events involving personal property damage are probably the most difficult, especially in the case of fire and smoke incidents. We realize that both family heirs, photographs and monuments are invaluable and irreplaceable to our clients. To help rebuild and preserve the highest levels of restoration here, we collaborate with industry-specific training with our empathetic and experienced workforce.

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