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How to Get Rid of Mold on Clothes

How to Get Rid of Mold on Clothes

Mold is a nuisance when it flourishes indoors, whether on the shower tiles, behind the kitchen sink, or on clothes. When mold colonies infest clothing, it signifies that environmental conditions are ideal for the growth of spores.

Be prepared to get rid of mold on clothes with the following steps.

mold on clothes removal

How to Remove Mold from Clothing

  • Moldy clothing may also be washed in a standard washing machine. Add a cup of bleach to the load to eliminate the mold. Read the garment’s label to ensure it is safe to wash with bleach. Similarly, kill spores by adding two cups of white vinegar to the washing machine.
  • Special detergents are available to remove mold from clothing. Mold killing detergents, like Clorox and Oxiclean, are effective in eliminating the mold spores while simultaneously cleaning the clothes. The heat from dry cleaning processes removes mold from clothes than cannot be laundered.
  • When mold killing products are unavailable, mold spores may be brushed off. Take the moldy clothing outside and brush off the loose spores. Leave the clothing in the sunlight and allow the sun’s rays to kill the remaining mold. Lastly, wash the clothing in hot water and dry them thoroughly.
  • Use an Esporta Wash System. Certain soft materials, like clothing, cannot be thrown into a standard washing machine. A sentimentally valued item, like a wedding dress or a piece of heirloom clothing, that has evidence of mold growth can be safely restored when washed in an Esporta Wash System.

Why does mold grow on clothes?

It is easy to see how mold can grow on clothes when conditions are right. Clothing that remains wet for more than 24 hours attracts mold spores. Washing clothing and failing to let them thoroughly and immediately dry will be a magnet for mold.

Allowing clothing to remain damp after wearing them can draw mold colonies. Moist clothing should be hung to dry or washed and dried immediately after taking them off. Never leave wet clothes in the hamper or in a pile for days, as mold spores will latch onto the damp material.

The space in which the clothes are stored should remain dry in order to avoid mold growth. High humidity levels in the home and poor ventilation are culprits when mold spores infest the clothing. When storing clothes, hang each item with sufficient space in between so they can air out.

Does mold destroy clothing?

When mold is left to eat away at clothing for a prolonged period of time, the spores will destroy the organic materials. Mold is also harder to remove the longer it is allowed to feed on the clothes, especially cotton ones. Moldy clothes produce an offensive odor, too.

Mold not only destroys clothing, but the spores can cause harmful reactions in the people who wear them. Inhaling mold spores causes allergic reactions in some people. Watery eyes, skin rashes, itchy skin and sneezing are common when people breathe in the spores that latch onto the clothes.

Furthermore, the mold spores on the clothing can be released into the air in the home. As the mold spores build up inside the home, air quality is significantly reduced, and the home’s occupants could suffer health consequences. Mold will eventually flourish in other areas inside the home.

For these reasons, it is important to get rid of mold growth on clothing. Several methods exist for removing the mold from clothes, such as using an Esporta Wash System or applying a liquid solution, like bleach, vinegar, mold killing detergent or hydrogen peroxide.

Esport Washing Technology

An Esporta Wash System is able to safely decontaminate clothing affected by mold spores. The System utilizes hydraulic pressure to force detergents through the center of the clothing being restored. Unlike a traditional washing machine where clothes tumble, the Esporta System holds materials in place so complete fabric restoration can take place.

This safe-hold technique featured in Esporta Technology allows a range of soft materials to be laundered effectively. Delicate clothing, as well as leather shoes and purses that have grown moldy, can be fully decontaminated, cleaned and restored with the Esporta Wash System.

ServiceMaster by Timeless offers its Esporta Wash System services for any soft good cleaning needs. Contact us at (973) 554-3002 to learn more.

Remember that moldy clothes are evidence of a moisture problem in the home. It is important to address and repair the water issue in the home; otherwise mold will continue to feed on soft materials. When the cause of the mold problem is unclear, consult a professional mold remediation expert for solutions.

Professional Mold Remediation

ServiceMaster by Timeless is a reputable mold cleanup company in Parsippany, NJ that can restore your moldy clothing and other affected items quickly. We utilize Esporta Technology to remove mold from soft goods, like leather jackets, stuffed animals, sports equipment, comforters, and unique clothing articles.

Our experienced technicians also locate and repair the moisture source that is responsible for the mold invasions in the home. We use mold detection technology, such as infrared devices, to pinpoint the mold growing in hidden areas. The contaminated space is isolated so we can begin the mold remediation process.

Included in the mold remediation services provided by ServiceMaster by Timeless are evaluation and treatment of the HVAC system. Once all mold colonies are removed, we conduct a final inspection. Testing from a third party is also scheduled to measure the mold spore levels.

When mold seizes any part of your home, call ServiceMaster by Timeless as soon as possible. We’ll restore your property to safe conditions.

We are available 24/7 at (973) 554-3002 for emergency mold removal services in Parsippany-Troy Hills, New Jersey and the surrounding communities. 


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