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Emergency restoration may be necessary on a commercial or residential property in the wake of an emergency, which by definition is an unplanned event that causes a lot of panic and often major issues. The kind of disaster that can result in the need for emergency restoration work on a building would be the likes of a fire or flood. Damage from a fire can be quite extensive and the emergency restoration needed as a result can be quite complex, depending on the overall damage caused by the fire that’s why the team here at ServiceMaster Restoration by Timeless are on hand to answer any questions and help you overcome the complexity of the situation to get your life back on track.

The Process of Emergency Restoration by Timeless
First of all our restoration experts will have to complete an assessment and evaluation to check the damage caused by the fire and the smoke to see what work needs completing on the building. The air and residue in the building will also have to be tested to determine the extent of the damage, then an emergency restoration plan can be created.

Often a fire will result in broken windows and a damaged roof, this will mean that before any restoration work takes place broken windows, doors and damaged roofs will have to be temporarily boarded up to prevent any further damage to the building before the restoration is complete. However, there’s no need to worry as our restoration team will take care of this for you.

Any water used by the fire service to put out the fire will have to be removed and any damage rectified. Once this is done the process to remove any soot and smoke odor can take place. This could involve using chemicals to remove soot from surfaces in the building and air scrubbers and foggers to neutralise the air. The often lengthy process of structural repair will then have to be started. This can involve removal and replacement of the fire damaged elements of the building, this can range from reconstruction of the actual structure of the building, to replacement of damaged carpets and furniture.

In the event of water damage, the water would have to be extracted to stop any further damage to the building and powerful pumps can be used to remove any standing water that is remaining within the building. Dehumidifying will then have to be carried out with the likes of powerful vent fans, before disinfection of any toxic water involved in the flooding. Any damaged structural aspects of the building will then have to have repair work carried out on it.

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It is vital that when emergency restoration work is needed on a building that the right professionals are brought in to do the job. Untrained individuals trying to carry out this work without the right knowledge and equipment could result in further damage the building and even more importantly cause personal injuries or negative impacts on long term health.

Which is why we have a highly skilled and experienced team (over 30 years experience) on hand to assist with every aspect of your emergency restoration. Contact us over the phone or online today to get your emergency restoration on-route.

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