Eliminating Threats

Eliminating Threats Through Workplace and Equipment Decontamination

1. Invisible Danger
Even the safest workplace can conceal hidden biohazards – and today, the most dangerous threats of all may well be too small to see. This is why a professional commercial infection control service in Wharton, NJ and surrounding areas is vital for protecting workers through commercial disinfection for coronavirus. Well aware of these workplace perils, Service Master By Timeless specializes in COVID-19 cleaning and removal services that keep visitors and employees healthy and safe.

2. Areas Needing Special Attention
Some places are obvious hotbeds of infection, like hospitals and schools. But even the quietest workplace needs professional infection control services in Wharton, NJ and beyond, as any surface can harbor hidden dangers like bacteria and particularly coronavirus today. This is why professional COVID-19 removal and cleaning services offered by Service Master By Timeless are vital for keeping employees healthy, as any piece of equipment can cause infection. According to a recent study, COVID-19 survives for up to 24 hours on cardboard, and three days on plastic and stainless steel. This means that commercial disinfection for Coronavirus is crucial, particularly as infected droplets may drift in the air for up to four hours before falling on nearby surfaces.

3. Expert Technicians Keep You Safe
By cleaning and disinfecting workplaces and equipment, the highly trained technical staff of Service Master By Timeless provides peace of mind through commercial disinfection for Coronavirus in Wharton, NJ and north NJ, ensuring clean, safe surroundings during emergency clean-ups or scheduled maintenance programs. These professional infection control services use only products that are EPA-approved for COVID-19 cleaning and removal activities. Equipped with the latest tools and techniques, these coronavirus sanitation teams help mitigate threats of infection in the workplace with minimal disruption.

4. No Need to Look Further
As Service Master By Timeless is conveniently located for rapid response to calls seeking commercial disinfection for Coronavirus in Wharton, NJ and surrounding areas, customers can count on our expertise whenever deep coronavirus disinfection services are needed for workplaces and equipment. In order to keep your workforce healthy and confident, contact us at (973) 658-7777.

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