Document Restoration

Envision walking into your business place one day and seeing the place swamped from water leakage. Your workplace is now more like a little pond. What and how can you rectify this calamity? Who are you going to call? Emergencies similar to this are always unpredictable, they can happen at any time and anywhere. The best way to rectify these circumstances is to be ready.

What To Do In An Emergency
Safety is your number 1 priority, ensure that no switches are turned on or off causing a spark which could potentially lead to the water in the room becoming electrified. Make sure to switch off the main electricity from the switchboard to avoid potential electrocution. If the ceiling is also wet it’s absolutely vital that you don’t turn on any
overhead lights.

Now that the room is not a looming deathtrap it’s time to identify the source of the flood, is it a leak from your water supply or a storm? If it’s coming from your own water supply, try your best to locate it and cut the supply of water, in the unfortunate event that it’s from a storm try and locate something to plug the leak whilst you contact ServiceMaster Restoration by Timeless to come and take care of it professionally. Now everything is safe and secure it’s time to start cutting down on your restoration costs, locate any expensive items such as paintings, furniture and jewellery and carefully move them to an unaffected room. This will help reduce costs of replacing them or restoring them.

Why Choose ServiceMaster Restoration by Timeless
When it comes to document restoration there’s definitely a few different companies out there who offer such a service. However, the team here at Timeless have been working with document restoration for over 30 years now and have been able to restore over 30,000 documents at around an 85% restoration success rate. Not only does our experience speak for ourselves but we’re fast. We understand the importance of receiving a call from someone in your situation who is panicking and needs assistance fast. Our team will arrive promptly to your location and will begin immediately with the collection of your documents in order to prevent further damage. We will then box and whisk away your documents to our temperature controlled restoration facilities and get started on restoring your content. We will also assess the damage on site to the property and recommend to you further services to help get your building back to its previous appearance and if required services to stop the leak or issue currently occurring.

Get In Touch Today To Discuss Document Restoration
The team here at ServiceMaster Restoration by Timeless are eagerly awaiting your email or call in order to recommend the best course of action for your issue. Once you’ve agreed what’s going to happen next we will be out to see you and collect your documents ASAP minimizing damage and increasing the chance of restoration. If you have any questions about document restoration, then please don’t hesitate to contact the team as prevention is just as important as restoration, why take the chance?

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