Customized Response

Customized Responses for Special Requirements

1. Specialized Protection for Front-Line Specialists
Dedicated to saving lives, medical personnel, first responders and lab workers are at high risk for infection. Exposed to contagion every day, their uniforms and equipment need thorough COVID-19 cleaning and removal in North NJ and surrounding areas. Well aware of these heavy responsibilities and specific needs for intensive pathogen removal, Service Master By Timeless works with a well-tested coronavirus sanitation methodology that eliminates infectious agents from biologically sensitive premises, protecting employees, patients and practitioners.

2. Safe Study and Healthy Play
Packed classrooms and damp changerooms in schools, clubs and gyms are perfect breeding grounds for germs, bacteria and viruses. And when infection risks are high, it’s time to contact Service Master By Timeless, a professional commercial infection control company that will tailor an intensive cleaning plan to your needs, ensuring effective coronavirus disinfection of your facilities and equipment while protecting your children and your community.

3. Making A Warm Welcome Even Safer
Whether prepping food at an industrial scale, readying conference centers and bedrooms for arriving guests, or ensuring problem-free trips for travelers, hygiene is always a primary requirement. This is when professional infection control services in Wharton, NJ and surrounding areas are needed. Always focused on keeping workers and customers safe from contagion, Service Master By Timeless follows the protocol issued recently by the EPA and CDC for COVID-19 removal and cleaning operations, ensuring added peace of mind for travel agents, restaurants, hospitality service providers and their clients.

4. Keeping a Global Threat at Bay
With survival times ranging from four hours in the air to several days on some surfaces, coronavirus is a worldwide public health risk requiring COVID-19 cleaning and removal in Wharton, NJ and surrounding areas. With our cutting-edge technology, Service Master By Timeless mitigates the possibilities of infection by using HEPA filters, ozone and air scrubbers, together with antimicrobial and antiviral agents that disinfect for Coronavirus. Call us for an evaluation (973) 658-7777.

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