Construction Services

Construction services cover quite a broad spectrum of responsibilities and tasks within a building process, this can range from design to the actual construction of a building. Some companies will provide a pretty comprehensive service (such as ServiceMaster Restoration by Timeless) and are able to meet the needs of most customers, however some in the construction services industry will just specialize in one area.

How Can ServiceMaster Restoration By Timeless Help You?
There are many different aspects of construction services to consider and they are all necessary to see a project from design to implementation, which would be the completion of the building.

Pre-construction services is where you will be looking if you are just starting off a new building project. This is the time when an idea can turn into a project and practical discussions around the design and build of a building will take place. Our expert team of architects and designers will be able to assist you with your architecture and design of your construction project. This stage is usually where you will be provided with an estimate of the cost for your construction project and also briefed on where Timeless can help you further on in the project’s timeline.

Project Management
After you’ve completed the pre-construction phase of the project you will need to start looking at project management for the building. ServiceMaster by Timeless off project management services for construction
projects and we plan to be involved right from the planning phase, through the execution phase and the post construction phase.

Construction Design
Now you’ve agreed the project scope and selected your project manager, it’s time to get started on the design section of the construction project. If you can use the same company to both design and construct your building or renovation it can really help to keep things seamless and no issues with miscommunication in terms of turning the design into a reality.

Arguably the most important area of construction service is the actual constructing, because without this everything is just a plan or a design. There are so many different areas to constructing a building such as the likes of drainage, water system, building ventilation, lifts and escalators and much more. It is vital that when you are having a new building developed or renovating an existing one that the coordination and execution of all the different facades of construction services is accurate and efficient to ensure a successful construction.

Contact Our Construction Experts
Whilst you may feel quite overwhelmed by the range of construction services out there, we are more than happy to sit down and have a chat to really understand what it is you’re aiming for with your construction project to see if we can help. You may either decide to go with a variety of different companies at each stage of the building process, however, we recommend choosing one company to see the project the whole way through avoiding any issues with communication and working to the same deadlines. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call or get in touch online to speak to a construction expert to see where we can help you with your construction project.

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