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Commercial Storm Damage Restoration for New Jersey

ServiceMaster by Timeless

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The threat of a major storm can put business owners on edge as any type of storm may be severe enough to cause serious damage.  The Parsippany-Troy Hills, NJ area can experience thunderstorms, blizzards, tornadoes, and hurricanes, each of which can cause structural damage and water damage from rain and flooding.  If the damage from a storm is not restored right away, it can get worse, resulting in larger losses for businesses.

At ServiceMaster by Timeless, we provide commercial storm damage restoration to help affected businesses in Parsippany-Troy Hills and Morristown, NJ and the surrounding areas.  Our professionals can address any level of damage caused by severe storms, including water damage and structural issues, to limit your losses and restore your property to its pre-storm state.

Commercial-Storm-Damage-Parisppany-Troy-Hills-NJDamage Caused by Storms

Severe storms can damage your property in many ways.  Most storms include wind and when the wind is strong enough, if can damage roofing and windows and blow over large objects.  Falling trees and utility poles can cause even worse damage to your building as well as vehicles and equipment.  If the building experiences severe exterior or structural damage, it needs to be secured and stabilized immediately to prevent the damage from getting worse.

Damage to the roofing, windows, and exterior of a building leave it vulnerable to further damage from wind and rain.  Most storms include precipitation that can find its way inside and cause damage to affected building materials and objects.  If the excess water is not removed, it can cause corrosion and structural damage as well as increase the risk of mold growth.

If your business has experienced structural damage or water damage from a storm, it is important to call our professionals because the damage will only get worse and lead to a larger loss for your business.

Commercial Storm Damage Cleanup

Our technicians at ServiceMaster by Timeless will respond right away to cleanup and repair the damage to your business after a severe storm.  We can immediately stabilize and repair structural damage caused by the storm and we use advanced equipment and methods to address excess water and flooding.  As we restore your property, we will also remove debris.

You can expect the following from our storm damage restoration services:

  • Fast response to stabilize serious structural damage
  • Repair of structural and exterior damage
  • Removal of tree branches, broken glass, and other debris
  • Water damage restoration and mold removal if needed

Any hesitation to call our professionals after a storm has damaged your business will allow the damage to increase, resulting in a bigger loss for your business.  Our professionals will arrive ready to restore any type of damage caused by a storm.

You can reach us at (973) 554-3002 for storm damage restoration in Parsippany-Troy Hills and Morristown, NJ and the surrounding areas.

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