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Commercial Mold Removal for New Jersey

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The appearance of mold within an office or commercial building creates a dangerous situation.  Mold growth can cause considerable property damage and it can trigger health issues in those who are exposed.  Commercial buildings can become affected by mold growth any time mold spores find an area with a source of moisture and organic materials it can use as food.  Once mold growth appears, it can spread and cause deeper damage, including structural damage, and the risk of related health effects will increase.

At ServiceMaster by Timeless, we provide commercial mold remediation services to help affected businesses in Parsippany-Troy Hills and Morristown, NJ and the surrounding areas.  Our technicians will use mold detection equipment to find and remove all mold and we will restore the damage to your property.

Commercial Mold Remediation at High Rise in Fort Lee, New Jersey

Commercial Mold Remediation at High Rise in Fort Lee, New Jersey

Problems Caused by Mold

The appearance of mold in a commercial building requires immediate attention because the damage it causes can result in a large loss for your business and its presence puts the health of your employees and customers at risk.

Mold growth can cause significant property damage because it feeds on building materials that contain cellulose such as wood, drywall, wallpaper, ceiling tiles, carpeting, insulation, and more.  As the mold growth eats away at these materials, the damage becomes irreversible.  For structural materials like wood and drywall, the damage from mold growth can result in serious structural damage which will cost your business even more time and money to repair.

The biggest issue with mold is that it can make your employees and your customers sick from exposure.  Common allergic reactions to mold exposure include headaches, skin irritation, coughing, nasal congestion, and itchy eyes and throat.  Those who are exposed to mold for a long time may develop worse symptoms like respiratory infections.  If an unattended mold problem on your property causes people to become ill, your business could be held liable.

Commercial Mold Removal

At ServiceMaster by Timeless, we can address any level of mold growth in offices and commercial buildings.  Our technicians will find and contain all mold growth, including hidden mold, using infrared mold detection technology.  We will then remove all mold growth as well as materials that have been permanently damaged.  After the mold is removed, we will clean and restore the affected areas and materials using EPA-registered products.

Our commercial mold removal services include the following:

  • Location and repair of the moisture source that caused the mold
  • Detection of all mold growth using infrared technology
  • Containment of the mold growth to prevent it from spreading
  • Removal of mold growth and permanently damaged materials
  • Cleaning and disinfection using EPA-registered cleaning products
  • Treatment of the HVAC system if necessary
  • Final inspection to ensure complete mold removal
  • Third party testing of the mold spore level

Commercial Mold Removal - Before Commercial Mold Removal - After


Call Us for Commercial Mold Removal

Any hesitation to address a mold problem within your business will increase your losses as well as the risk of someone getting ill from mold exposure.  Our professionals will arrive quickly and start the remediation process to remove all mold from your property.

You can reach us at (973) 554-3002 for commercial mold remediation in Parsippany-Troy Hills and Morristown, NJ and the surrounding areas.

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