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Commercial Fire Damage Restoration for New Jersey

ServiceMaster by Timeless

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Fires are major disasters that can cause immense damage and put those within the property in immediate danger.  The damage a fire causes within a commercial property can be devastating to a business as it can result in structural damage to the building as well as damage to products and equipment.  Even after the fire is out, the smoke and soot created by the fire will continue to spread and cause additional damage to your property.  Calling our professionals immediately after the fire has been put out will help stop the spread of the damage and limit your losses.

ServiceMaster by Timeless provides commercial fire damage restoration services to help businesses affected by fire in Parsippany-Troy Hills and Morristown, NJ and the surrounding areas.  Our technicians can repair and restore structural damage caused by fire as well as restore materials damaged by smoke and soot.  Our quick and efficient restoration services will help limit the losses to your business.

Commercial-Fire-Damage-Restoration-Services-in-Parsippany-Troy-Hills-NJDamage from Fire and Smoke

Fires can cause several layers of damage during and after the fire is burning which is why a fire loss can be devastating to businesses.  The fire itself can destroy equipment and products and cause serious structural damage that could leave the property unstable.  It is crucial for this type of damage to be stabilized immediately or the damage could get worse.

As the fire burns, corrosive byproducts like smoke and soot are created by the burning of the affected materials.  These corrosive byproducts are still present after the fire is out and they will continue to spread throughout the property and cause damage.  Many materials that are affected by smoke and soot may experience permanent damage if they are not restored properly.

Professional Fire Damage Restoration

Our IICRC certified technicians can clean up and restore offices and commercial buildings that have been affected by a fire.  We will stabilize and repair structural damage caused by the flames and restore items and materials affected by smoke and soot.  We can also remove smoke odors with advanced odor removal methods.

We know that every minute it takes to restore your property after a fire is costing your business money which is why we work diligently to get your property back to its pre-fire condition.

You can expect the following from our commercial fire damage restoration services:

  • Complete evaluation of the damage
  • Stabilization and repair of the structural damage
  • Removal and replacement of permanently damaged materials
  • Restoration and cleaning of damaged items and equipment
  • Deodorization
  • Cleaning of soot and smoke damage
  • Water damage restoration from extinguishing the fire

Call Us for Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

It is very important to start the restoration of your business right away after a fire is put out to limit your losses.  Our technicians at ServiceMaster by Timeless are ready to provide complete fire damage restoration in any commercial setting to get businesses back on track.

You can call us 24 hours a day at (973) 554-3002 for commercial fire damage restoration in Parsippany-Troy Hills and Morristown, NJ and the surrounding areas.

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