Cleaning, Drying and Decontaminating After a Sewage Leak or Spill

1. Getting Back to Normal As Soon As Possible
If there’s one time that you really need expert help fast, it’s when your sewage system backs up. This is when you need a professional infection control service in Wharton, NJ and surrounding areas that will fix the problem and its side-effects quickly. Pooled polluted water is a health hazard, which means it’s time to contact Service Master By Timeless for help with the clean-up, particularly coronavirus disinfection.

2. Fast, Effective Decontamination
A severe health hazard, sewage spills are a significant threat to human health, and must always be handled as an emergency, particularly as COVID-19 cleaning is now also required. It’s time to call in the experts: Service Master By Timeless, responding rapidly with well-trained clean-up teams that are also experts in disinfection for coronavirus in Wharton, NJ and North NJ, as well as other infectious organisms and contaminants. Although no evidence as yet available for coronavirus, its sister pathogen SARS has been found to survive for up to fourteen days in untreated sewage. So mitigation through COVID-19 cleaning and removal is certainly a good idea in this situation.

3. Minimizing Harmful Effects On Health
Many serious illnesses can be caused by contaminants and contagious organisms in sewage, including SARS and possibly coronavirus, requiring professional infection control services. With ample experience in dealing efficiently with these problems, Service Master By Timeless keeps families and workers safe and healthy through deep cleaning, drying and decontaminating affected areas, after removing waste matter, including COVID-19 removal and cleaning actions based on well-tested methodology.

4. Fast Response for a Quicker Clean-Up
When disaster strikes and your sewage system overflows, you need an efficient professional commercial infection control company that cleans, dries and decontaminates affected areas through modern technology, including innovative COVID-19 removal and cleaning techniques. At Service Master By Timeless, we stand ready to ride to the rescue, with thorough clean-up services and commercial disinfection for coronavirus techniques that keep your families and employees healthy and comfortable. Call us at (973) 658-7777.

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