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Water Restoration for a Leak El Shaddai Assembly of God in Wharton, NJ

Leaks within a home or building can happen due to a number of reasons and if they are not quickly discovered and addressed, the water from the leak can spread and cause serious damage.  The roof is a common place for leaks to occur which could be caused by weather or the condition of the roof.  For the El Shaddai Assembly of God church, the freezing winter weather led to a roof leak that caused significant damage.

waterdamageThe El Shaddai Assembly of God in Wharton, NJ experienced a roof leak caused by the winter freeze. Roof leaks are common in the winter because the weight of snow and ice can damage the roof and large-scale melting of ice and snow also increases the risk of a leak.  The leak in the roof affected the worship hall area and congregation in the basement which temporarily halted services.  It is important to address any type of leak, even if the leak seems minor, because the water will get absorbed into building materials like wood, insulation, and drywall which can result in major damage.  Structural damage and mold growth can occur from a simple leak without quick restoration.

ServiceMaster by Timeless arrived at the El Shaddai Assembly of God to fix the leak and address the water damage.  Our technicians found the source of the leak and immediately placed drying equipment throughout the affected areas.  We made sure to thoroughly dry the worship hall and other areas affected by the leak and restore the damage where necessary.  Once the restoration was complete, the El Shaddai Assembly of God was able to resume their services.  We also fixed the source of the leak to prevent further water damage.

At ServiceMaster by Timeless, we provide complete water damage restoration no matter the source.  Our quick response and effective methods helped limit the damage and allow the El Shaddai Assembly of God to reopen to their community.

We are available to provide complete water damage restoration services for homes and businesses in Morris and Union County, NJ.

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