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Sewage Cleanup for Highrise North New Jersey

Water Restoration at Highrise North New Jersey


Standing water within a home or business is already a major problem that can lead to serious damage. However, standing water that includes sewage will cause more significant damage and create dangerous conditions.  It is important for sewage to be removed from homes and buildings right away to limit the damage and prevent health effects.

972 Realty Corp is a commercial high rise building that recently experienced two feet of standing sewage water in the control room of the basement.  Sewage is very dangerous inside buildings because porous building materials absorb the sewage as well as the water which can cause widespread permanent damage.  The presence of sewage also puts your health at risk as it contains bacteria and other harmful microorganisms that can spread disease.  In the case of 972 Realty Corp, the fact that the flooding occurred in the control room added another layer of danger as any type of flooding is dangerous around electricity.  This made it very important to act fast to remove the sewage.

At ServiceMaster by Timeless, we helped remove the sewage water from 972 Realty Corp and restore the affected areas to safe conditions.  Our technicians used advanced water extraction equipment to remove the contaminated water and dry the affected areas.  Drywall, insulation, and other building materials that were permanently damaged by the sewage were removed and replaced with new materials.  Once the sewage was removed and the area was dry, we thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to restore safe living conditions.

With our commercial water damage restoration services, we were able to remove the sewage and restore the basement control room to safe conditions.  It is important to call our professionals right away when dealing with sewage to protect your health and your property.

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