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Reconstruction Services for 137 Washington

Reconstruction Services for 137 Washington PizzeriaWhile property damage is most likely to be caused by natural disasters and catastrophes such as fires, sometimes major property damage can occur due to an accident that comes out of nowhere.  Car accidents and acts of vandalism are two such examples of human-made disasters that can cause serious property damage.  This is how a couple of businesses at 137 Washington experienced severe damage.

The T-Mobile store and Belleville Pizza located at 137 Washington both experienced major damage when a car crashed into the building.  The impact caused exterior and interior damage to both businesses that was severe enough to force them each to suspend business operations.  The structural damage to both properties needed immediate stabilization and repair to prevent the damage from becoming worse.  There was also debris such as broken glass throughout the property that needed to be cleaned up to make the area safe.

At ServiceMaster by Timeless, the first thing we did was board up the area where the car impacted the building.  Emergency board ups help secure and stabilize heavily damaged buildings while they are being repaired.  We then assessed the extent of the damage and created a reconstruction plan based on the damage.  Our technicians provided full reconstruction to rebuild the damage from the accident so both of these businesses could reopen.  After repairing the damage, we cleaned up the property to remove hazardous debris and restore safe working conditions.

Our technicians at ServiceMaster by Timeless were able to rebuild both of these businesses so that they could reopen quickly after the accident.  We provide complete reconstruction services to help heavily damaged homes and businesses in Morris and Union County, NJ.

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