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Fire Damage Restoration for Brandford Properties in Newark, NJ

Brandford Properties Fire Damage RestorationFires cause immense damage and when they occur within a business, the amount of damage and cost of repairs may be too much for some businesses to recover.  When a fire starts within a business on a strip mall, it is very likely that the fire will affect multiple business.  This is what happened when a fire struck Brandford Properties in Newark, NJ.

The fire that struck Brandford Properties caused serious damage for multiple storefront businesses on the strip.  All of the affected businesses experienced major structural damage from the fire and the smoke and soot spread throughout the property, causing additional damage after the fire.  It was important to respond immediately after the fire was out to stabilize the structural damage as well as start cleaning materials affected by smoke and soot.  Quick action limits the damage which lowers the time and cost of the restoration and helps affected businesses get back on track.

ServiceMaster by Timeless responded to Brandford Properties to repair the damage caused by the fire and cleanup and restore the affected areas.  Our technicians started by stabilizing the structural damage to prevent collapse and it took full reconstruction to repair this damage.  We then provided thorough remediation of the damage throughout the storefront properties and restored surfaces affected by smoke and soot.  With our advanced equipment, cleaning products, and remediation methods, we were able to fully restore the damaged storefronts.

ServiceMaster by Timeless is an expert when it comes to commercial fire damage restoration.  Our technicians can effectively restore any business or commercial building after a fire in Morris and Union County, NJ.

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