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COVID-19 Disinfection at FedEx Building

Building Disinfection Services

COVID-19 Cleaning at FedEx Building

The COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted the world in so many ways and impacted how we interact with each other.  Many businesses had to be shut down or limited in some capacity to help slow the spread of the disease.  However, despite many of the precautions that businesses have taken to prevent COVID-19 from entering the workplace, it is impossible to keep it out entirely.

A local FedEx building was impacted by COVID-19 when an employee tested positive.  This created a dangerous situation as the infected individual was within the building, making it possible that other employees were exposed.  It was important to ensure that the infected employee quarantined before returning to work and that the other employees were informed so they could take the right actions to keep themselves safe and prevent exposure to others.  The building also had to be thoroughly and effectively disinfected to remove the threat of COVID-19 so the employees could safely return.

At ServiceMaster by Timeless, we provide disinfection services to treat homes and businesses that have been exposed to COVID-19.  Our professionals thoroughly disinfected the FedEx building to ensure that their employees would be returning to a safe environment with little to no risk of infection.  We use only EPA-registered disinfectants that have been proven effective against COVID-19 to ensure that all dangerous pathogens have been removed.  We also completed this job discreetly by providing the disinfection after hours within the FedEx building.

Our technicians at ServiceMaster by Timeless can help keep businesses protected from COVID-19 with our disinfection services.  We are available at (973) 554-3002 for professional disinfection services in Morris and Union County, NJ.

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