March 6, 2020

Dear Valued Community Member;

The recent outbreak of a new strain of virus COVID-19 has infected over 100,000 worldwide to date. It is a risk to public health and the communities in Morris County and our regional community. There is no specific cure at this time, but there are guidelines that may cut the risks and help to create a safer environment. This is especially urgent for locations where the public may gather or in the workplace itself. Due to its ability to spread quickly, it is prudent to mitigate the potential risks. Besides spreading person to person via air droplets it is believed by the WHO (World Health Organization) that the virus material will stay on and remain a threat for as long as three days or more. This may include, elevator surfaces, doorknobs, chair railings, desks, waiting room areas and surfaces found in toilets.

That is where ServiceMaster can provide a mitigation plan to reduce some of the risks. WE CAN IMMEDIATELY ACT. We will follow the recently published protocol by the EPA, CDC and WHO, using specialized cleaning methods and equipment. This includes:

Specialized Remediation Equipment used to mitigate INFECTIVE AGENTS

  • HEPA: High-Efficiency Particulate Air, a type of air filter that, by government standards, must remove 99.97% of all particles greater than 0.3 micrometer from the air that passes through.
  • Ozone: Ozone, with the symbol of O3, is a form of oxygen having three molecules and is an oxidizing agent with a weak chlorine odor.  It is produced naturally through sunlight lightning.  At ground level, ozone can irritate the respiratory system and it can be considered an air pollutant.  High levels of ozone can be very hazardous
  • Antimicrobials and Antivirals: An agent that kills microorganisms or inhibits their growth. Also a general term used to describe various compounds that have the ability to limit, control or stop the growth of microorganisms.
  • Neg Air/NAM: NAM is an electromechanical device that is used to create a negative air pressure in an enclosure.  This device is used for restoration work to prevent the spread of contaminants to other areas in a structure.  This includes asbestos abatement and microbial remediation.  Sometimes referred to as an Air Scrubber.
    • This is where our company ServiceMaster by Timeless is here to address your health concerns and create a safe cleaner environment in your place of business or workspaces. We do this by providing by a well-tested and intensive methodology addressing infectious agents by and intensive cleaning to eliminate pathogens of all manner. We follow all the recently published protocol issued by the EPA and CDC.
    • Please feel free to contact us for an evaluation and a custom intensive cleaning plan. We look forward to alleviating your concerns over outbreaks and the subsequent risks posed in our local community, schools, workplaces and home.


Best Regards;
Matthew Sambuco
Director of Mitigation
C: 973-459-1717
O: 973-377-2270
Wishnia, R.N.
Member of the Morris County Medical Reserve Corp.


** The CDC has published interim guidance for non-health care employers that provides some direction ( Our preventive recommendations during the current COVID-19 situation are similar to our recommendations during a regular flu season:

  • Emphasize respiratory etiquette (e.g., coughing into one’s elbow, immediately disposing of used tissues) and hand hygiene by all employees.
  • Provide routine environmental cleaning, especially on high-touch surfaces with general cleaning agents, followed by disposable wipes provided to employees.
  • Advise employees to take safe travel steps.
  • Additional measures with COVID-19: Employees who are well but have a family member with COVID-19 should notify their supervisor and other employees in the workplace.
  • ** Timeless makes no claim as to curing or eliminating COVID-19.

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